Memento Mori supports the ethical treatment of all creatures and makes every possible effort to ensure what we sell follows all current laws and not killed for profit or sport but dies only of natural causes.

Memento Mori is an award winning, beautifully curated, curiosity shop featured on shows such as, Bravo's Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles and A&E's: Storage Wars.  Several of our signature pieces can be seen at The Lobby restaurant in the Nomad Hotel, Los Angeles.                        This Los Angeles shop, embraces a Victorian hunting lodge feel, showcasing the most                                                             unique curiosities, oddities and treasures in Los Angeles.  Witness the                                                                         wonder and gallery experience with a Gothic edge.  Damask walls line the                                                                                shop with macabre art, vintage photography and entomology                                                                                               boxes.  Explore the many curio cabinets filled with skulls,                                                                                                        candles, antiques and one of a kind gifts.  Home decor for the                                                                                               most eclectic tastes like taxidermy, vintage clocks, lamps                                                                                           and home accents.  We promise you will enjoy your visit and find                                                                                        that amazing treasure you must own.   We have an on-line shop, take                                                                               orders over the phone and ship internationally.  Also available for                                                                               shoots and commercial installations.

Deirdre & Bradley Hartman

Photo by Vanessa Adams

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